Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Divine Comedy

Last night (after midnight), I was reading some articles on Wikipedia. I always have this habit of clicking links and more links from one page to another, so I ended up spending 2 hours there. It was this Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri that drew my attention. If you don't wanna end up like me reading the summarized story for hours, I'll just briefly describe what is it. It's actually a really old piece of literature work in Italian, claimed as one of the greatest works of world literature ever. It's about a man traveling through hell, gaining knowledge of the afterlife and stuffs like like, eventually communicating with god.

trumpo? hindi ah. impyerno yan.

There was this part of the poem that referenced to the seven deadly sins, which was also one I'm deeply interested in. Such things about human nature really interests me, I wonder why. I often let my thoughts wander about, like what's gonna happen when I die. Maybe there's this truth about afterlife that nobody really expected it to be, like no other we have always referenced to. Perhaps we don't even know we died by then, or we could be in another living dimension. If one is gonna say "hey, let me try dying to check out the afterlife", fcuk it, because in our realm, we believe that once you're dead, you're dead. Science proved it, as people cited. But I am still curious cause even though scientific stuffs are generally true to an extent we can't deny, I still can't accept the concept completely.


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