Sunday, December 17, 2006

Exam results

English: 69/80, Chemistry: 58/80, Algebra: 60/80, Filipino: 81/85, PE/Scouting: 57/65, Physics: 72/80, TLE/Computer: 76/8o, Economics: 71/80, Music: 44/50, Research: 77/80

I'll be starting to post my entries in english because I have to do so. This would be my 2nd entry this day because the other one was written at 12:30 am. So, I'm not boasting my scores or what not but I just wanted to put them here. It's my way of appreciating my hardwork. Also, I'll be out for quite sometime cause I have no time for blogging this week. Also, we will be having our rehearsals in the following days.

HELP! Who knows where I can get a Flash MIDI player for a website? I'm tired of converting the midi file into an mp3 file! Who knows? Please just comment. Also, my 1st friendster account was hacked! Someone changed its password. Damyu whoever you are!

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