Saturday, September 15, 2007

As You Like It

Plenty of kissing scenes, topless bodies and intense male to male interaction. No this is not a porn review. This is DUPs As You Like It. Like so many Comm3 students I was forced to watch this play, and to tell the truth I am not fond of watching romantic films, plays, shows, etc, et. al. But as it turns out the play was great! I specially liked the lead actors, they were made to play the parts of Rosalind and Orlando. To the sound director of the play, I congratulate you, the choice of music and rendition (violin) was exceptional. I love the violin version of Dance, Dance (Fall Out Boy) and Yellow (Coldplay). The start of the play would give you the impression that you would be watching a looooooooooong and draaaaaaaaging three hour drama, but the directors added subtle comic relief making the play bearable. The only problem is the old english style of speech which is sooooo Shakespearean, was a little over the top. But after an hour of listening to it, you'll get used to it.

I prithee that thou shall read thy blog and try to catch the moving beauty of thy play.

Haha. Bukas nga pala, manunuod na kami sa Araneta ng UAAP Cheering competition. Huwaw. ^_^

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