Thursday, January 11, 2007

who's absent?

Good Morning guys.
Just giving you some littletinkywinky updates. My hiatus will continue until I felt like it. Becaaaauuussseeee... The truth is, NCAE is not the reason why I am on hiatus. Instead, I had a fever, a revolving tummy and a sore throat, in short - I am sick. Siguro kasi malapit na tanggalin yung braces ko. Hahaha andrama. At isa pa, medyo busy nga sa schoolworks.

Today ay absent ako. I need some rest. Saka, I updated my links - well hindi pala inupdate, kundi renovated. Sorry kung napaka-rude at medyo mukhang intimidating ng aking links. Well yun lang. And I'm planning to have a photoblog here at blogspot cause I think I can express my feelings more in photos.

Hindi ako magaling magsulat. Hindi ako magaling sa poems, stories, essay etc.
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