Tuesday, January 2, 2007

warning: deadly post ahead

Isang araw, may isang babae lumapit kay Japboy.
Sabi niya, "Kuya, Kuya! Gusto mo ng payong?"
"Inuulan ka kasi ng kagwapuhan eh."
Wohoo. anluffet.

He. he. He. Pasukan na pala sa thursday. 2 days na lang. Sayang hindi pa kasi sinagad ng school na sa Monday ang pasukan. KJ kasi. Hmmm. By the way mga pipol of the Philippines, FAVOR naman. Kung maaari, paki-check nung grammar sa essay ko na ipinasa para sa aking Scholarship na gagamitin para sa future college ko. English po ito kaya paumanhin kasi sa tagalog lang ata ako magaling. Hehehe. Di po ako nagmamayabang ha. Promise, seryoso ang lahat ng ito. At Beware! Copyright of BYRON aka JAPBOY ang contents ng essay na ito. feel free to comment po. Salamat!

Once when I was thinking about my chosen career in the future, I got confused on whether I would choose to be an architect or to be a business executive. That’s the time when I realized the difference – an architect works sitting on a table where he has to succumb himself to the drawing board while a business executive works sitting up straight on a high chair. It’s a simple description but what I really like to point out is that architects work for someone as a worker while an executive stands as a leader – and I know I am born to be one.

I belong to an average Filipino family with both parents striving hard to provide us what we need and oftentimes, to provide us what we want. I am the second child in a brood of four, all boys ages nineteen, fifteen-that’s me, twelve and the youngest is six. I grew up seeing my father “come and go”. He is a seaman abroad. He always tells us to study hard because education is the only legacy he can give to us. He’s our hero. Without him, I would not be able to attend a good school like I do now. Also, I really wanted to stop him from going abroad because he’s not getting any younger and I noticed lately that he’s taking several maintenance medicines. To add up to that, he had an accident while working where two of his fingers in his hand got severed. That’s how great he loves his family – sacrificing his safety and life for us. I wanted him to retire early with my mother. They are the two most important people that inspire me. When I graduate from a good university and become successful, I would help my parents in supporting my siblings’ education, and eventually tell them to finally retire from their respective jobs, especially m father – he really deserves it.

I study in an exclusive school which offers the Montessori Method of teaching and I am proud to say that it helps me in achieving my dream. The school’s motto “Builder of Tomorrow’s Leaders” fits me well. I had always strived to excel in academics because of my inspirations. Needless to say, I always got the first honor in school and maintained it until now. In our class, whenever we will have a group activity, my classmates always wanted me to become their leader. I know it’s one of my achievements – to gain their trust.

For the past few years, I had been involved in several extra-curricular activities. I joined our official school publication called the Montessorian and had been appointed as the editor-in-chief this school year. It enabled me to hone my writing skills news reporting and working as a group where you’ll have to interact with your staff. Also, I was elected Vice President Internal of our Student Council Organization that helps in improving our school and its students. I joined several speech contests either Filipino or English and fortunately, won a number of them.

As a concerned citizen of my country, I joined the Ineract Club of Las Piñas North where there are seminars and trainings for future leaders like us. Just recently, we held a gift-giving project to the needy in partnership with our student council organization.

With help from God, I hope I would be qualified in this scholarship because this would be a great help for my future. Only three months left before my high school graduation, another phase of my life is going to start. And I, Byron Jeff Datinguinoo, armed with hopes and dreams can conquer all the challenges I am going to face. All I wanted is to sit on a high chair and lead – that is to become a successful businessman, a good and grateful son to my parents, a responsible father to my own family and a useful citizen of my country.

Sana talaga makapasa ako dyan. It will decide my future. SuperLOL. So help me God.
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