Saturday, January 13, 2007


The term permanent hiatus (or hibernation) refers to a television show or video game that work has been stopped on, often titles which find themselves on permanent hiatus are dangerously close to being cancelled. It should be noted however that a hiatus itself does not mean a show is being cancelled, often in US Television a network may put a show on Hiatus to air another show in its timeslot, or for continuty reasons a show will make its initial run shorter. An example of the latter would be season one of the Fox drama Prison Break.

Enough said. Don't know if I'll be back. And if ever enthusiasm with blogging strikes back, don't worry, I won't change my identity. I'll still be Japboy, of Byebye! (now that's serious.)

BTW. The tagboard's just beyond there. Click the "anu kaya 2?" crap. Then tugsh. You'll see it. Check it out. -___-


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