Saturday, January 6, 2007

dream school now just a dream

It's 3:55 am. My mom was behind the chair I was sitting on. I turned on the laptop and googled the ACET results. Waiting for the page to load, I was redirected to the query page, I typed in the entries. Surname, First, then Middle. Then I clicked the Search button. ... The splitsecond was filled with silence. God...

Search Result:
Sorry but the name you entered is not in the list.

I know in my heart that I am not happy. This is my dream school! I made some changes in myself this year just to please God that I deserve this dream. Maybe It wasn't enough, or it's not the way. My mom said "Baka mali yung pagkakatype, alam mo naman ang apelyido natin magulo..." I tried, Datinginoo, Datingguino, Datingguinoo... She even said that I must try to type my First name in this way. "ByronJeff"--without spaces. No. It's hopeless, I thought. We watched the screen for 3-5 minutes scrolling the whole webpage -- but not reading. Instead, thinking.

Only 3 of us in our school took the ACET, and I was the one with the greatest chance of passing among us said our guidance counselor. Jeeez, I can't face them anymore. When I got the results of DLSUCET, I confess, that I didn't care that much, cause I know that Ateneo results are not out yet. But now, as time passes by after I saw that Search result, I gradually accept that the truth is -- I am not accepted.

I know, this has been written in God's book. I'll just think that God has plans for me. Well, better plans. THIS IS NOT THE END i suppose. I still have UP. *smiles* (even if I know that UP is harder than Ateneo) Natutuwa rin naman ako kasi todo support ang mom and dad ko, and hindi sila nagalit sakin nor na-disappoint, siguro they knew the reason. There will be a mail sent to the school/our house right? How I wish that mail can bring miracles. As I open it, there are lotsalots of glitters and confetti that will pop out and a Hawaiian girl will come out and say "You passed Ateneo! Congrats!" AAAH! Japboy nangarap ka na naman!


Napa-english tuloy ako. Ang drama ko talaga. Pero talagang umasa ako eh. Sa lahat ng results ito ang pinakahihintay ko. Nakakahiya sa kaklase ko, nakakahiya sa mom and dad ko. Nahihiya ako. Hanggang ngayon nagwewelga pa rin ang utak at puso ko. Bakit ganon? Pero ganon talaga. Yung iba sa inyo maaaring isiping ako'y masyadong mayabang kasi Ateneo yan eh, pero ok lang. May pa-announce announce pa ako sa last entry na ngayon na ang results, sus! Hindi ko na ngayon alam kung anong mukha ang ihaharap ko sa akin mga kaibigan, kaklase, teacher, sa mga taong naniniwala na ako ay papasa -- kasi nabigo ko sila, silang lahat, pati ikaw, mambabasa.


Okay, FINAL NA TO. My mom called Ateneo Admissions Office (02-426-6001) just a while ago. The result? I am not accepted. Yes, I was not included in the passers board. Reconsideration? they said the status was slim and there are waiting applicants, so, there. Tutuldukan ko na ito. Goodluck to you guys who passed ACET! Mabuhay ang Blue Eagles!

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